Production of Hyundai Santro and Chevrolet Spark to end

Hyundai Santro and Chevrolet Spark to stopHyundai Santro and Chevrolet Spark to stop

Hyundai and Chevrolet are expected to curb the production of their small car offerings in terms of Santro and Spark respectively. Both these hatchbacks have been a huge hit at their launch but are now nearing the end of their life cycle. Santro is expected to roll out for the last time in November end and Spark is expected to end the production in December.

Since 1998 Hyundai has sold 1.36 Million santro and GM has sold more than 1.65 lakh units Spark after closure of Daewoo (Matiz) in India. Hyundai is looking to also free up capacity to manufacture more units of its newer models, said people with knowledge of the company’s plans. Santro is still selling at an average of 2900 units per month. Santro proved to be the cash cow for Hyundai when it was launched and gave serious competition to the small car manufacturer Maruti. Hyundai had estimated huge demand for santro in India that it was globally launched in India first.

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 Source – Economic Times

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